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Things to Do in
Tampa Bay Area

There is an abundance of things to do in Tampa and the surrounding areas. It is just a matter of searching for them.

One thing that I noticed when searching for activities in Tampa was that what I wanted to do changed according to the situation.

For instance I may have a desire to get out of the house but it was raining outside. This would limit what I could do.

Sometimes I would be in the mood to just relax while other times I wanted more action oriented activities. Because of this I was constantly trying to find things to do in Tampa according to my mood or the situation of the day sometimes wasting hours trying to search for them.

So I gradually began to compose a list of the greater Tampa activities grouped according to different scenarios adding to this list whenever another idea came to mind.

Hopefully this will help make it a little easier to find things for you to do as it has helped me in the past.

busch gardens tampa montuAction
This is when you just want some action. Whether that is physical activity, an adrenaline rush or something where you just not sitting like a bump on a log all day. These activities include outdoor recreation, theme parks, boat rides, etc.
tampa at nightAfter Sundown
Many times I would get in the mood to do something but it would be a little too late to do anything on my list. The sun would have gone down and many of the attractions have closed. I am not too much of a bar/club type of person so my options were limited. This is what I came up with.
lion busch gardensAnimal Attractions
If you enjoy watching, studying or observing animals then these are some things that you should consider doing.
couple holding hands Date Night
These are ideas when looking for a date night outing. Whether it is a first date or a date with your wonderful significant other here are some options for you.
Tampa With No MoneyFree Things to Do in Tampa
This is for those times when money is tight but you just have to get out and do something. Fortunately there are things to do in the Tampa Bay area for free or very cheaply.
baby in stroller Infant / Young Toddler
Just because you have an infant or a young toddler and do not have a babysitter does not mean you have to sit in the house all day. There are still things that you can do in the Tampa Bay area.
tampa rainy dayRainy Day
It rains just about every day in the summer in Tampa. Does that mean that you are on house arrest during this time? Of course not. Rain will not stop your parade from happening with these things to do in the Tampa area.
cat relaxingRelaxation
You have had a hard week at work and now that the weekend is here you just want to relax, just not in the house. Relaxing attractions and activities coming right up...
man sweatingToo Darn Hot Outside
You walk outside for 5 minutes and you are already sweating like a pig and feel like you need to shower. If you been here in the Tampa Bay area or Florida for any amount of time, you know what I am talking about. These are for those type days.

Events Going On

In addition to activities and attractions there events happening daily in the Tampa Bay area. These are some of the best sites that help you find these events.

Tampa Bay Times - This is one of the best sites for finding things to do in the area when it comes to events. Includes festivals, performances, and sporting events.

Tampa Bay and Company - Official visitor's site to Tampa Bay area provides solid information for events in the area. Many events not included such as some of the community theaters or sporting events.

TBO Extra - Contains extensive list but with a kind of confusing site. Have the option to include movies with event listings as well.

- Checking their site is another good way to find out about events going on. This of course is only for companies that use ticketmaster to sell their tickets.

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