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Things to Do in Tampa with an Infant or Young Toddler

So some years ago I have my first and only child. After the first month of so being in the house paranoid of exposing her to the germs of the outside world (yes I can go a little overboard) I finally decide that I need to get out of the house.

I was determined to continue to have a life, contrary to the people around me telling me "You not going to be able to do anything anymore. Your life will revolve around that child."

I certainly did not agree with that.  I am sure that there were still ways to enjoy yourself in the city with my beautiful child of course.

Here are some of the things that I came up with. These include activities for your entertainment where you may bring your infant or toddler and places that you can go to entertain your chidren. Your instance a dinner cruise would be for you, while the Glazer Childrens Museum would be for your child.

Arcade Games

Games are a great way to keep your toddlers entertained. It is also good place for you to go and have a good time and be able to take your baby since it is not a place that requires you to be quiet. They will also be facinated with the sights and sounds.

Malibu Grand Prix
Celebration Station
Chuck E Cheese

Dinner Cruise

I can't say enough about dinner cruises. I think they are just a good way to get out and do something different that is enjoyable. There are many advantages to them.

They are good for young kids and infants since they don't have to be completely quiet as opposed to a movie theater or live theater. They can enjoy the sites on the gulf and even dance while aboard if they wish.

Starlite Cruises
Yacht Starship

Drive-In Movie

Drive-in movies are the best kept secrets for people with newborns that need to enjoy themselves sometimes. You can catch the latest flick without worrying about your child disturbing others in the movie. You can also bring something to keep them entertained while you enjoy the movie.

Ruskin Family Drive-In Theater
Silver Moon Drive-In
Fun-Lan Drive-In Theater

Shows / Entertainment

No I am not telling you that you should bring your toddler or infant to the latest Broadway production at the Straz Performing Arts Center. They probably would not be allowed to attend anyway. However, there are children's shows at theaters in the area. They are great family entertainment for you and your children.

Performing Arts Events

Library Events

Many people may not know that the public libraries in the Tampa Bay area have events catered to children of all ages. They usually have an age range to let you know if the show or event is appropriate for your child.

Story Time
Puppet Shows
Arts and Crafts

Sporting Event

What makes sporting events in the area a good option for infants and toddlers is the fact that many of them take place indoors. This keeps your little ones from having to deal with the sweltering heat that the Tampa Bay area is bound to have throughout the year.

Tampa Bay Rays
Tampa Bay Storm
Tampa Bay Lightning

Theme Parks

Who doesn't enjoy going to theme parks. One of the best parts of taking a child to a theme park is that children under 3 can get in for free. Enjoy this age while many things are free while you can because when they hit a certain age you and your bank account will know it.

The theme parks in the area have areas that cater to youngsters with the Sesame Street Safari of Fun play land in Busch Gardens and the Fabian Fun Port play area at Adventure Island.

Busch Gardens
Adventure Island

Animal Attractions

There is an abundance of animal attractions in the Tampa Bay area. Children will love it as they just seem to be in amazement when observing exotic animals that they have never seen before.

Lowry Park Zoo
Florida Aquarium
Clearwater Marine Aquarium
Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary
Big Cat Rescue
Dolphin Sightseeing Cruise


Museums for children give them a hands on learning opportunity. You can be at ease not worrying about them breaking anything while observing the exhibits and you get to have a little fun yourself.

Great Explorations
Glazer Childrens Museum

Other Activities

Miniature Golf

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