Tampa Car Rentals:
The Best Way to Get Around

When arriving at the airport you will find many options for Tampa car rentals. Specifically there are six car rental choices on-site in the airport. There are also 6 car rental companies off-site. Each of the off-site rental companies will pick you up from airport.

On-site Tampa Car Rentals

The on-site car rentals include

  • Avis
  • Hertz
  • Dollar
  • Budget
  • Enterprise
  • Thrifty

My family used to rent from Budget whenever we needed to rent a car to travel to North Carolina from Tampa. We did not have many issues with them and were pretty happy with their service.

Then while shopping rates, as I always do, I discovered Dollar Rent A Car. Dollar’s rates were cheaper than the major Tampa car rentals that I had previously priced.

I initially thought that maybe their cars were not in great working condition and were not reliable since they seemed to be cheaper than anyone else.

Since we knew that we would be traveling over 1400 miles round trip we knew that reliability was a must.

I had never really heard of Dollar car rentals. I was familiar with Avis, Hertz, Budget, Enterprise and somewhat familiar with Thrifty.

However, Dollar, was not a company that I knew much about. That was a few years ago. They now have more name recognition.

We decided to give them a try and were pleasantly surprised. The cars seemed to be in just as good condition as any other car that we had rented. The service also was pretty good.

Because of the clean cars, discount prices, and pretty good service Dollar Rent A Car gets my vote as best of all the Tampa car rentals.

I recently priced all of the car rental companies above to be sure that Dollar still has one of the lowest prices out there. I did a search on all of the companies web sites.

I later discovered that Travelocity.com is a good place to compare all of the Tampa car rental companies on one site.  

I wish I had know this before I spent all that time going from site to site. You gotta love technology.

The search was for a one week rental at the Tampa airport location (TPA airport code) with the rental date 8 days away from today.

I tested all of the on-site rental car companies in the compact car category since these cars seem to give you the best combination of space, price, and most importantly, gas mileage!

Dollar still has one of the lowest rates ($326.80 approximate total), but Thrifty ($323.73 approximate total) and Enterprise ($310.97 approximate total) were all right there along the same price.

The prices of Tampa car rentals depend on a variety of factors such as date rented, length of time rented and type of car.  

All three are good choices, but considering my experience with Dollar along with unlimited mileage outside of the state I would still choose to rent with Dollar.

Off-site Tampa Car Rentals

In case you need some more options, there are six off-site companies that provide service from the airport as well.

These companies are:

  • Alamo
  • EZ Rent a Car
  • National
  • Payless
  • Specialty Auto Rentals
  • U Save Car & Truck Rental

Out of these there are three that would seem to be worth looking at considering their prices. These would be EZ Rent a Car, Payless, and U Save Car & Truck Rental. All of these companies quoted low prices when I conducted the same search above.

EZ Rent a Car was $262.36, Payless was $306.85, and U Save Car & Truck Rental was $296.14. The U Save Car & Truck Rental quote was 4 weeks out since no vehicles were available before then.

I have never rented from any of these companies, though, so I am not sure about the service or quality of the vehicles.

Most of these companies are included when searching on Travelocity.com as well.

So, these are all of the Tampa car rentals on-site at the airport and off-site near the airport. This should help you to get around the city and enjoy the sights.

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