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Is Tampa Bay Weather
The Best in the Country?

Tampa Bay weather is some of the best weather in the country. 

With year round sunshine we thoroughly enjoy 70 degree temperatures in the middle of January while people in other parts of the country are freezing their hind parts off. 

Perfect Weather

In fact for about 8 months out of the year Tampa Bay weather is perfect with temperatures ranging with a high of 70 – 80 degrees and almost no rain at all! 

This period usually lasts from late September to the first part of June. 

During this time you will find residents and visitors taking pleasure in the absolutely gorgeous Tampa bay weather outside. 

Most of the events and festivals take place during this time as well because of the low humidity and low chances for rain. 

The sun shines brightly on almost a daily basis.  In fact, I have even heard people say that they are “happy that it rained over the weekend.” 

What? Most people hate to have their weekend spoiled by rain.

“Why would you be happy about that?,” I would ask them. 

They then go on to explain that it is a relief that they do not feel pressured by the beautiful Florida weather outside to be out of the house. When it rains they have a chance to relax.

Now that is what I call great weather.  Every day is such a beautiful day to the point that people are happy when it rains.  Have you ever heard such a thing? 

I know I hadn’t until I moved to Florida.

In fact there are times now that even I am happy when it rains for the same exact reason.

Winter Months

The winter months are some of the best months because it makes you really appreciate the area much more.

There is nothing like watching the news and hearing about blizzards and ice storms in other parts of the country.

Then you go outside only to find people working in the yard of their beautiful homes or kids playing, riding their bikes around the neighborhood with short sleeve shirts and no coats whatsoever. 

Amazing! And this is what I call home. 

Now don’t get me wrong there are times when the temperatures do get cold.  I am not only talking about “Florida cold,” which is like anything below 70 degrees for people that live here. 

Cold Weather

Most people outside the state think that if you live in Florida then you no longer need a coat.  I actually believed that before I moved here. 

However, that is not completely true.  A few times a year a cold front comes through the area dropping temperatures down as low as 40 degrees.  

This does not happen often. Even with a cold front during the winter the high temperatures usually do not drop below 60 degrees. 

Right now if you are from one of the northern states, such as New York, Illinois or Michigan you are probably chuckling to yourself. 

“Forty degrees cold?  You gotta be kidding me. Try 10 degrees with a wind chill of 20 below.” 

And that explains why so many in the Tampa area are NOT from Tampa. 

Now there are a few things (heat, hurricanes, and storms) that keep the Tampa Bay weather from being perfect year round.  

Why every area has its positives and negatives, although the positives in Tampa greatly outweigh the negatives. 

The wonderful Florida weather is why Florida is one of the top 5 fastest growing states in the nation. 

Constant sunshine and lack of blizzards means sandals and cookouts year round.  

There is one thing that your kids might not like about the Tampa Bay weather, though.  You can rest assure that there will be no “snow days” away from school.  But I bet that is a good thing for you though, huh?

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