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Starship Dining Cruise
in Tampa Bay

The Starship Dining cruise in Tampa Bay is one of the best dinner cruises in the Tampa Bay area.  

It is the only dinner cruise in Tampa. Most of the other cruises are located at the beaches on the coast. 

While the Starlite Majesty is clearly the best dinner cruise in the region, the Starship Dining cruise in Tampa Bay checks in at number 2.

My wife and I went on the Yacht Starship cruise while I was working for a former employer. The company rented out the entire boat as a reward for the employees having a productive year. 

We had an awesome time!

What to Wear

The attire for the ship was a little more than casual.  I wore dress slacks with a button down shirt.  Some people had on suits.  

I apologize, but I have a rough time describing what many of the females wore.  I am not that great with fashion.  Okay I am more than not great, I am pretty bad.  Most of the women I recall wore dresses. (I don't know dress styles so don't even try to ask.)

Ship Decor

The Yacht Starship Dining Cruise in Tampa Bay attempts to be one of the more upscale dinner cruises in the area.  However, the decor somehow came off to be a little cheesy.  It seemed as if they were trying to be fancier than they really were. 

For instance, the chairs were made from some sort of red velvet cloth.  I recall that the chairs also had a bright shiny cheap looking polish to them. 

However, from looking at photos posted on the Yacht Starship's homepage it looks like they replaced some of the furniture with new furniture. 

It looks a whole lot better than before.  I will be sure to give you an update the next time we take another trip with them. 

The View

The view of the cruise was okay during portions while not so great during other areas.  The parts that were less than stellar included the vicinity around the Port of Tampa. 

The port is in an industrial area so it was really no fun rolling by old rusted ships and other types of industrial equipment.  The good thing is that this was only for a portion of the route. 

However, we did take the evening cruise that was over just before nightfall.  I imagine that the night cruise view is much better with the gorgeous view at night of the Tampa skyline. 

So you may want to take the later cruise to take full advantage of cruising in downtown Tampa. 

Food and Entertainment

The Yacht Starship Dining cruise in Tampa Bay provided good entertainment with a live band and singer.  Some people danced on deck while others simply chatted and enjoyed the music. 

I thought that the food on the cruise was decent.  I did not like the salad that was provided.  This had more to do the fact that I didn’t like the type of vegetables that were in the salad rather than the quality of the food.

Worth the Money? 

Overall, though, I would say that the Yacht Starship is a very good experience.  Although we did not pay for our cruise, since it was paid for by the company, I find the price to be a little expensive. 

The current price of the cruise is $79.95 per person.  They currently have a 2 for 1 cruise special.  

With the discount it is definitely worth the money.  I am not sure that I would take the trip without the discount, though.

Even with this discount it costs more than the Starlite Majesty cruise which provides a better experience. 

The Starship Dining Cruise in Tampa Bay recently added another ship that departs from Clearwater beach.  I have not taken this ship yet but look forward to trying it sometime soon. 

The Yacht Starship offers a great dining experience in the Tampa Bay area.  If you take advantage of the 2 for 1 cruise special that they are offering and book the night cruise I am certain that you will have a fabulous time.

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