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Date Ideas in
the Tampa Bay Area

Looking for date ideas in the Tampa Bay area? You will find many different things to do in the area. Some will be romantic, while others will be playful and fun.

I will not bore you and pretend to be a relationship expert and tell you where to go on a date or what type of activity to partake in. I will spare you and just give you the information and let you choose. That way you can't blame me for a bad date.

Dinner Ideas

Dinner is always a popular option with good reason. Who does not like to eat good food. Going out for dinner also is great because it gives you the opportunity to communicate while out on your date. There are several options different things that you can do that involves dining in the Tampa Bay area.

Dinner Theaters

Tampa Bay dinner theaters basically combines dining with live entertainment. There are dinner theaters in the area that consist of simply watching plays, while there are others where you get more involved such as a murder mystery.

Dinner Cruise

Going on one of the Tampa Bay dinner cruises is a good time if you enjoy being out on the water and relaxing. It is excellent for a date since it gives you the opportunity to get to know one another better through conversation instead of simply being entertained by others.

There are various types of cruises, such as lunch cruises and sightseeing cruises, for you to choose from. Most dinner cruises provide some form of entertainment.


Going to a restaurant is a classic date idea. Again it is an excellent way to get to know someone better because of the ability to talk with each other. Like any other city you will find an abundance of various types of restaurants in the area.

Tampa has a reputation by many to be a place with a plethora of chain restaurants, but there are many independently owned dining options in the area as well.

Dinner Movie Theaters

If you enjoy dinner and a movie then you may enjoy even better dinner and a movie at the same time. This is the idea behind the dinner movie theaters in the Tampa Bay area.

You get to enjoy good food while watching a movie on the big screen. Not the most optimal place for a first date due to the inability to talk but may be a great option for just spending time with someone.

Fun Ideas

If you are looking for just do something fun and really enjoy yourself on your date then these options are for you. These options are not if you desire to be romantic, just pure fun.


In the area there a few places where you can paint or mold pottery. This can make for an interesting date and give you the opportunity to have some laughs when someone creates a less than appealing dinner plate.

Segway Tours

Who doesn't want to ride on one of those segways reminicent of Paul Blart Mall Cop. Looks like a lot of fun. Well there are places in the area to rent them.

These tours may consist of first training you on how to use the segway. Then there is usually a guided tour of some sort taking you around town showing you the various sights in the area..

Go Karts

Go-karts are always a fun time. This is good for those that like to be a little more adventurours with their dates. In the area there are the normal family go-karts and there are also the more advanced karts such as the European karts.

Animal Attractions

If you and your date enjoy observing or learning about animals then you will be excited to attend one of the Tampa Bay animal attractions in the area.

Sporting Event

Attending a sporting event in Tampa for a date is unique in that you can be entertained but still be able to converse at the same time. It kind of takes the pressure off you off each party to try to entertain each other. You can simply comment on what's happening on the game.

Hopefully your date is going well because most sporting events last for a few hours. It would be kind of painful to sit around watching a Tampa Bay Rays game for 3 hours with someone that is driiving you crazy.

Relaxing / Romantic

When you are looking to make a romantic impression or simply do something relaxing while on a date then here are some ideas.

Bayshore Boulevard

Bayshore Boulevard is considered to be the world's longest continuous sidewalk. But the allure of Bayshore Boulevard for a date is the beautiful view near the water and the magnificent downtown skyline that can be seen across the Tampa Bay.

Taking a walk on Bayshore Boulevard will likely be just part of your date.
For a romantic scene schedule your walk in the evening right before the sun goes down to take in a beautiful sunset and enjoy the view of downtown.

If you are looking for more of a relaxing time without the romance then you can schedule your walk earlier in the day. 

Pier 60

Pier 60 in Clearwater Beach would make for a great date. The Sunsets at Pier 60 festival occurs every day at Pier 60 beginning about 2 hours before sundown lasting until about 2 hours after sundown.

The festival has people selling arts and crafts, music, and street performers, such as magicians, fire breathers and such each day. Pier 60 is one of the best places to watch the absolutely stunning sunsets that occur in the Tampa Bay area.

Other Ideas

Here are some more miscellaneous ideas of things to do for dates in the area.


Of course the movies is one of those old reliable things to do for a date. It can be difficult for a first date since you must be quiet during the screening.  The most engaging part of the date will likely be discussing the movie if you choose an interesting movie.

There are plenty of movie theater choices in the area.

Performing Arts Theaters

Attend a play is an interesting option for a date. It is similar to a movie in that conversations will be limited but there are usually intermissions and such to talk during the show.


David A Straz, Jr. Center for the Performing Arts 
Ruth Eckerd Hall
Mahaffey Theatre
Jobsite Theater
Stageworks Theater
American Stage
Gorilla Theater

Comedy Shows

Tampa Improv
Sidesplitter Comedy Club


For a more mentally stimulating date you may want to try visiting one of the Tampa Bay museums. For a date the art or history museums would likely be the best since the science museums in the area seem to be geared more toward children.

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